usb-nSTEP with bluetooth

$ 239.95

Full control of your focuser from your PC
No PC required for bluetooth-only operation!
Operates off of the 12V DC stepper motor supply. Full configuration, speed adjustment from app on your Android device (not included).

usb-nSTEP has an an optional external temperature sensor to support temperature compensation of the focus position.åÊ We°۪re talking about focusing within 1/100ths of a mm ! As the night outside cools, the telescope contracts, and the focus can change by multiple 100ths of a mm.

With usb-nSTEP, once you have everything initialized with your autofocus software, you can execute a refocus in 30-40 seconds to adapt to filter changes, temperature changes or telescope flexure as you aim your telescope to different part of the sky.åÊ In 30-40 seconds your autofocus software will take a pre-programmed set of images to recalculate the perfect focus setting without your intervention.

CA Residents: Prop 65 WARNING(S)