National Geographic 50mm Telescope - 80-10050

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  • With the 50mm aperture, you can explore the Moon’s cratered surface and see intriguing planet features like Jupiter’s Galilean moons or Saturn’s rings.
  • Two interchangeable Plössl eyepieces give you magnifications of 23x and 62x.
  • Panhandle mount control allows you to smoothly move the telescope up, down and side to side.
  • Full size tripod is fully adjustable and includes an accessory tray for holding extra eyepiece.
  • Use the red dot viewfinder and downloadable astronomy software to locate observing targets.


This may be the perfect first telescope for your child or grandchild to foster their wonder of the universe we live in, and to give them a hands-on experience that often leads to a lifetime interest in science.

Lightweight and highly portable, the National Geographic 50mm Alt-azimuth Telescope makes it easy to explore the celestial and the terrestrial at a moment’s notice. This air-spaced doublet achromatic refractor has a true 50mm optical glass aperture (600mm focal length) that can reveal wonders like the intricacies of the lunar terrain or some of the brighter deep sky objects.

The two included premium 1.25-inch Plössl eyepieces (25mm and 9.7mm) are wide angle, are generally found on much more expensive telescopes, and provide real eye comfort that beginners need to relax and see the detail that this telescope can produce. How powerful is this telescope? See the Rings of Saturn (about 900 million miles away); The amazing Orion Nebula at 1800 light years; Andromeda Galaxy at over 2 million light years; and many other amazing distant celestial treasures.

The telescope comes with a sturdy fully-adjustable metal tripod and metal mount so the instrument can smoothly move up, down, left and right by manipulating a large, simple-to-use handle. Other accessories include a fully adjustable Red Dot LED viewfinder that makes aiming the telescope easy), tripod accessory tray, a planisphere and astronomy software. While this telescope can be used without supervision, we recommend that parents and children learn and experience the stars together. It can create the bond for a positive, lasting impact.


CA Residents: Prop 65 WARNING(S)